5 Reasons to meet me in Whistler

July 8, 2014 Atlee Clark

This will be my third time at the GROW conference, August (20-22). As someone that attends many conferences in San Francisco and throughout Canada, GROW is the best tech conference anyone can go to.

If you’re in the tech industry, you are either low on money or time. There are an endless number of conferences you can attend, but the question is: what’s worth your time?  This is not a boondoggle, nor a time waster. This is all about efficient, cost effective GROWTH.

If you could bring top executives, founders and investors from the Valley together with leaders from other parts of the country over a 2 day period of intense “networking”, what would happen? Deals.

GROW is:

- For founders who have real traction and are looking to meet customers, distribution or technology partners, follow-on investors or other founders to help you think through growth challenges.

- For corporate executives who are looking to build out partner ecosystems,  discover new innovation partners that can extend their current offering or investors that have portfolio companies they might want to meet.

- For investors who are looking to expand relationships with; companies they don’t normally get to see, other VCs for follow on funding opportunities and executives that are looking to meet their portfolio companies.

Here’s why you should go:

1. Content.

Other conferences focus on just getting “names” - “Google, Facebook or Twitter” but don’t really care about who or what they talk about. The GROW team finds people from companies you have heard of but are relentless on finding people who will deliver excellent content over ticket sales. They also find speakers from the companies you haven’t heard of…yet. The focus is on actionable advice and insights not empty keynote addresses. They also blend speakers with attendees so you’ll find them sitting on the couch hanging out, hoping you’ll say hi.

2. Relationship Gold

We all know that people do business with people they trust. Therefore, you need to build strong relationships, that’s how the game works. The line between “networking” and “relationship building” can be a tough one to crack. You enter the relationship zone when you share unique experiences with someone else. This builds trust, history and common ground: ie. pure relationship gold. By moving GROW to Whistler this year, there will be endless opportunities for this - biking, hiking, hitting up the Norwegian spa, riding the gondola, experiencing Whistler Village and everything between.

3. The First Connected Resort

The vision this year is BIG. They said, "Let’s host a tech conference in Whistler with companies who are building our connected world - where software, hardware, apps and the physical world come colliding together. Then let’s see how we can turn Whistler into the first connected resort in the world."

Canada is very strong in this area because of the rich research talent at our top universities. GROW will be turning Whistler Village into a sandbox for tech companies to explore what it takes to build a connected world. I can’t wait to show my Silicon Valley friends the amazing Canadian tech that will be on display.

4. Meeting of the Minds: Canada and Silicon Valley.

Speaking of our Silicon Valley friends...The C100 spends time recruiting and encouraging our network to participate in GROW. The quality of the people who participate, becomes an extension of the C100 community. These are the key relationships that allow us to deliver continued value to our community.

Investors, founders, execs from both sides of the border together in one place - you can’t beat it!

5. We are going to be there!

The whole C100 team will be there  and we want to meet with founders, investors and anyone supporting the Canadian ecosystem. Grab a bike, turn on your Strava and let’s go for a ride!

Don't have your ticket to GROW yet? Grab yours before they sell out! SAVE $100 on your @GrowConf ticket with DISCOUNT CODE: c100disc: http://bit.ly/GROWtixthec100


Atlee Clark (@atleeclark) is the Executive Director of the C100 - a non-profit, member-driven organization dedicated to supporting Canadian technology entrepreneurship and investment. Atlee oversees and directs the C100's mentorship programming, start-up engagement, funding partnerships and overall strategic operations of the organization. Atlee holds a MA in US National Security from George Washington University, Washington, DC and an Hon. BA in Political Studies from Queen's University, Kingston, Canada.


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