48hrs in the Valley-December 2013 Cohort

November 6, 2013 C100

Twice a year we invite a small number of Canada's most promising startups to the Silicon Valley for two days of mentorship, workshops, investor meetings, strategic partner visits and networking. We are excited to announce our December 2013 cohort! 

We will welcome companies to the Valley December 2-4, 2013. Intersted in attending? Portions of 48hrs will be open to the public. Check out the full 48hrs schedule and register HERE 

Speakers include:
Check out the companies that will be joining us for 48hrs: 

iPowow is an interactive media company on the leading edge of the global shift towards Participation Television and Second Screen content. iPowow gives Broadcasters, TV producers and Advertisers the power to create a new breed of Participation Television with compelling engagement for the viewer.  


The ITManager.net solution allows network administrators to securely manage their servers from anywhere. Capabilities of the ITManager.net solution include hundreds of IT functions such as resetting passwords and rebooting servers, allowing network administrators to respond to problems faster reducing costly downtime.


The Horizn Platform engages, trains and rewards sales teams. The multi channel platform provides a market ready solution that helps businesses train frontline staff on their products’ technical details and benefits to rapidly roll-out new products and programs. The Platform engages the company’s own sales teams and third party intermediaries in an innovative and fun learning environment.

SendtoNews syndicates exclusive premium sports video highlights to broadcasters, "newspaper.coms" and pure digital publishers across North America and Europe.  SendtoNews currently works with over 75 sports leagues on 4 continents, including exclusive content distribution deals with top tier organizations such as the NFL, NASCAR, Premier League soccer, LPGA, SNTV.

JUICE Mobile is an award-winning mobile marketing and technology firm. In 2013, JUICE launched Nectar™.  Nectar™ connects premium publishers with the world’s leading brand advertisers. Developed in-house by JUICE’s technology team, Nectar’s unique and proprietary technology is patented by JUICE Mobile.  

Guardly provides mobile safety and security solutions for large enterprises, campuses, cities and countries. Guardly safety applications on Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and BlackBerry act as personal emergency phones that broadcast GPS and indoor location, profile and identity, and support two-way communication with security operators and authorities. For Security Operations Centers (SOCs), Guardly provides an integrated platform for incident monitoring and response, helping security administrators make faster and more effective decisions. 

FranchiseBlast empowers franchise owners to run a successful franchise business with easy-to-use operational software. For retail franchises, FranchiseBlast provides an integrated software solution including a franchise-specific point of sale system, e-commerce website and supply-chain & inventory management tools. For service-based franchises, FranchiseBlast provides software-as-a-service which allows franchisees to manage customers, invoices and their work schedule.

Vast Studios is a gaming company that specializes in multi-platform, premium-casual games. Unlike most gaming companies, Vast’s audience is predominantly female. Vast works closely with its publishing partners to make its games available to millions of players around the world. With close to 20 released titles, Vast’s games are available on PC, Mac, iOS and Android.

Jostle has created the People Engagement® platform -- a new kind of intranet that helps organizations around the globe enable their employees and drive their culture. At the heart of Jostle is their patented TEAMS ™ technology that clarifies team structures, be they formal or informal, hierarchical or collaborative. TEAMS ™ brings project teams, matrix structures, task forces and committees into clear view. This real-time knowledge of real team memberships and permissions lets Jostle publish and filter information, and facilitate interactions, in uniquely powerful ways.  

Bionym is the creator of the Nymi, a wearable technology that continuously identifies and authenticates the owner using their unique cardiac rhythm. While wearing the device, users can securely share parts of their profile and identity with services they use to personalize their experience (think Facebook connect for the real-world). The Nymi system can be used to replace keys and passwords, as well as facilitate frictionless, biometrically-secure transactions and access control. The value is in the secure identity-management platform, and the wearable tech is simply the interface.

Busbud makes bus travel easy. By connecting travellers to bus operators, Busbud makes it a breeze to search, compare and book city-to-city bus tickets, anywhere in the world. Busbud.com and the free mobile application are the most comprehensive source of city-to-city bus schedules and tickets around the world, gathering schedules for over 4000 cities in 70 countries, in 10 languages and 15 currencies. Travel aggregators have radically changed the way we search and book plane and train tickets, but nothing of the sort has been available for buses until now. Much like Kayak and Expedia have done for air travel, Busbud is quickly becoming the go-­to tool for bus travellers worldwide.

TitanFile is focused on creating better ways for people to communicate and collaborate online without having to worry about security and privacy. Using TitanFile, professionals can set-up secure communication channels to share files and messages, track who, where, how and when accessed the shared information, making compliance easy.  TitanFile extends the security and compliance perimeter of the enterprise beyond the firewall to include external communication with clients, vendors, and partners. 

MyShoebox unifies fragmented photo collections across multiple devices. Once safe in the cloud, MyShoebox helps users to access and contextually rediscover photo collections from their phone and tablet. MyShoebox keeps photos safe with unlimited, free and private cloud storage. 

Fuse Powered Inc. helps app publishers acquire, retain and monetize users with a FREE, integrated mobile publishing platform called Fuseboxx™. The Fuseboxx™ solution offers an integrated suite of real-time reporting, actionable analytics and powerful tools to improve user acquisition, retention and monetization for iOS and Android apps. The launch of Fuseboxx™ 3.0, adds A/B testing, custom player segmentation, targeted notifications by segment and Custom App Experiences. 


WhatsNexx provides a SaaS platform and solutions to companies of all sizes for their cross-channel campaign automation and analytics. Using WhatsNexx Moments, marketers build and manage agile campaigns, integrate online and offline customer data and track and measure results in order to optimize and enhance every customer interaction with their brand. WhatsNexx Moments leverages the world’s leading marketing applications, consolidating campaign management across channels and locations to build intuitive and delightful customer experiences. 

Figure 1 is a privacy-conscious photo sharing app for healthcare professionals. The mobile, crowdsourced medical image library lets users view, share and discuss medical images instantly. Figure 1 is currently available on iPhone and iPad and will be expanding to Android in the coming months.

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