C100 Welcomes Cassie Doyle

January 2, 2015 Joanne Fedeyko

We are excited to welcome Cassie Doyle, Consul General of San Francisco, to our Board of Directors.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Cassie to learn more about her descision to join the C100. 

Joanne:  You obviously have an already really busy work life - why choose the C100 board?

Cassie: The C100 is our most valued partner at the Consulate.  We do a lot together and you guys provide a great window for understanding what's happening with Canadians in the Silicon Valley.

Joanne: Why do you feel the C100 is an important organization for the Canadian tech ecosystem? What role do you see us playing in the future?

Cassie: The Valley is the most important tech market in the world. We continue to see how it plays so much bigger than any other American market, and the C100 is the glue between Canada and the Silicon Valley.


Joanne: Is there a particular program or area within the C100 that you would like to play a larger role in? 
Cassie: I am interested in the strategic side of how the C100 continues to grow.  I'd like to play a part in how the C100 evolves in support of Canada's public interest.

Joanne: If there is one thing or program element you could change or improve upon during your time on the C100 board, what would that be?

Cassie: I'd like to see a more elegant way that we connect Canadian entrepreneurs with Silicon Valley - a more seamless way, along the lines of more sophisticated match-making.

"For me, the C100 are total Rockstars and absolutely everyone coming down to the Valley, from the newest Canadian startups to Senior Cabinet Ministers, wants to meet with them.  They always come away with some precious nugget of how things actually work down here. It is great value for Canada " Cassie Doyle

Joanne: Have you seen examples where the C100 has made an impact on an entrepreneur's journey?

Cassie:  The C100 is the best partner we have down here and has helped to positively brand Canada.  The fact that Ministers, Deputy Ministers and others out of Ottawa have met with C100 reps is fantastic.  As a result, we've seen some policy changes - so the C100 is helping to influence the way things are being done back home.

Joanne:  In one sentence and in your own words, what is the C100?

Cassie:  The C100 is a dynamic group of entrepreneurs working to better connect Canada to the Silicon Valley.

Joanne:  Five years from now, what will the world be saying about Canada that would surprise people to hear today?

Cassie:  In five years, Canada will be an entrepreneur hot house of activity, and people will be surprised to see leading edge innovation coming out of Canada.

Joanne:  It seems  there is a re-awakening of the entrepreneur spirit in Canada.  Going forward, how will Canadian entrepreneurs leverage areas like Silicon Valley to build world-leading tech companies. 

Cassie:  I think they should spend more time here - become bi-national and be continuously moving back and forth. There are great examples of people and organizations like Communitech - that are staying on top of things here and taking it back to Canada, and that needs to happen more often.

Joanne:  Hometown and favourite hockey team?

Cassie:  Vancouver.  I am a Vancouver Canucks fan, but I have a soft spot for the Ottawa Senators. 

About Cassie Doyle

Ms. Cassie Doyle was appointed as Consul General of Canada with accredidation for Northern California, Nevada, Hawaii effective January 10, 2011.

A native of Canada's west coast, Ms. Cassie Doyle has served at the executive level of all three orders of government including as Deputy Minister of both the governments of Canada and British Columbia.  She has led departments that focused on advancing Canada's energy, natural resource and environmental agendas.  As Canada's senior representative in the Silicon Valley, she currently leads a very active Consulate that is dedicated to strengthening the connection between Canada and this important market for innovation and technology.

Ms. Doyle served as Canada's Deputy Minister of Natural Resources from 2006 to 2010 after three years as the Associate Deputy Minister of Environment Canada.  She was also a member of the Board of Directors for the Atomic Energy Corporation of Canada.  Prior to joining the federal government in 2002, Ms. Doyle held a number of senior positions with the British Columbia Government including the CEO of the BC Assets and Land Corporation, Deputy Minister of the Environment, Lands and Parks and Deputy Minister of Small Business, Tourism and Culture.  Ms. Doyle started her career with the City of Ottawa working in housing and urban development.

Ms. Doyle holds a Master's Degree in Social Policy and Administration from Carleton University and a Bachelor's degree in Sociology from the University of Victoria.  She has served as Chair of Oxfam Canada. the Chair of the 2010 Community Campaign and a member of the Board of Directors of the Ottawa United Way.  She currently serves on the Board of the United Way Bay Area and is a member of the Women's Leadership Council in San Francisco.

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