48hrs in the Valley - How to get invited

March 14, 2014 C100


You might have heard that we are changing the way that we select companies for 48hrs in the Valley. In the past we have opened up applications on our website. Each time we received hundreds of applications from across the country. It was always amazing to see the breadth of technologies, ideas and people who were interested in the C100 and connecting to the Silicon Valley.

As enthusiasm grows around entrepreneurship, especially in tech, so too do those companies and ideas. We have reached a point where the volume is just too big for us to process. (Many of you might be surprised to hear that C100 only has three staff members). So we have decided to take a new approach. The next edition of 48hrs in the Valley will be invite-only.

How are we going to pick those that are invited? Well, we decided the best way to do that was to solicit nominations from our our network -- the C100 is all about the network after all!

We are going out to our Charter Members, Sponsors, alumni and partners across the country and in the Silicon Valley. Each are allowed to nominate between 2-5 companies. The C100 selection committee will then pick the top 50 of those to submit an application. The top 15-20 will be invited to attend in June.

So, if you are a founder of a company that would like to attend the next 48hrs, reach out to one of our nominators and have them nominate you. The criteria is the same:

- Product in market (no private betas)

- Significant and growing traction

- Growth potential within a multi-billion dollar market

- Exceptional founder-led team

- Companies are typically seed funded or bootstrapped to revenue


Questions? Comments? Let us know!

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