48 Hours in the Valley Companies Selected for June Cohort

May 21, 2015 Joanne Fedeyko

Ever since I began helping Canadian entrepreneurs in my role as Executive Director at the C100, I've been in love with the process of meeting Canada's brightest new stars. In one of the best jobs imaginable, I spend a lot of my time fielding inquiries and connecting Canada's top entrepreneurs to the most dynamic technology and finance ecosystem on earth, Silicon Valley. However, there are a couple of times per year when the spotlight gets even brighter. That's when we scan the entire Canadian landscape for the best of the best, and it's when we find much more than companies to help - we find companies that help us all.

I'm extremely proud of the companies who help us broadcast the greatness of being Canadian. The companies who embody our creativity and productivity, so that we don't have to rely on boring slides of economic data but rather, can cite familiar brands that reflect our values just by saying their very names.

I’ve found the C100 to be one of the most valuable resources and networks out there – especially as a Canadian-based entrepreneur who manages a global business. While the C100 provides a bridge between Silicon Valley and the Canadian tech scene, more importantly they act as a catalyst for innovation here at home. - Harley Finkelstein, CPO @ Shopify

48 Hours in the Valley is not just about us making a few introductions, it's about the C100 introducing the world to what makes Canadian entrepreneurs so special. 48 Hours in the Valley is when we get to announce, and be a part of, the world's next wave of the most impressive entrepreneurs.

So after five years and 180 companies of brilliant success, it's with a healthy amount of pride that I associate our member-driven organization with the next batch of 20 of the most exciting new companies from our great land of innovation: Welcome to Auvik Networks, Bridgit, Borrowell, Decisive Farming, Fatigue Science, Foodee, FundThrough, Gallop, Immunio, Interset, Jobber, Joist, Klipfolio, Landr, Paysavvy, Pumpup, Showbie, The Rounds,Vouchr and Wealthsimple. See the full list with company descriptions at http://www.thec100.org/programs/48hrs.

We're thrilled to be included in this prestigious program," said Andrew Graham, Co-Founder and CEO of Borrowell. "The focus on thinking bigger and moving faster is apt as we grow our company and disrupt traditional financial services."

Our goal at the C100 is to support the next generation of successful Canadian entrepreneurs, and to help them as they build their tech companies on the global stage. 

In order to do that we rely on the input, support and generosity of the people who have already realized on the potential of this profoundly rich ecosystem. 

We wouldn't exist if there wasn't a will to give back from our Charter Members nor the people who make this all possible ... the entrepreneurs.

If you're a Charter Member, we continue to rely upon your desire to double-down on the Canadian magic that made this all possible. If you're a sponsor, you allow us to make these dreams reality. And if you're an entrepreneur, then welcome to the C100 - we are here to help support and amplify your success!

48 Hours in the Valley will be held June 22 -24 in San Francisco; at Cooley LLP in Palo Alto and at Juniper Networks in Sunnyvale.

C100 Association is generously supported by many partners including our Premier Partners - KPMG Canada, BDC Capital and RBC Royal Bank.

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